Sounds vs. The Creator

Photo by Hendrik B from Pexels

Do you know how intimidating it is to open a beat making software?. Well, at least for me it is. So here is what happens.

I am an aspiring producer and I want my career to be just that some day, a producer. So I have to put in the work, no way around it!.
Everyone becomes better by actually acting on what they love a couple of times, in my case I have to make beats consistently even when I don’t feel like it.

Opening a beat making software with thousands of sounds and a creator who can’t make a single hit of of them sounds crazy! But that is the reality. Sometimes we open our software and we can’t think of the next step. “Let me start with a kick pattern.”, “aye that vocal chop might be heat!” , “where my samples at?”; at the end of the day we end up having wasted our time.

I go through a lot of days just like that and it sucks! But it is just like any other thing in this life, you get up, try again and move at your own pace.

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